Maintenance DIES

Maintenance DIESOur company is able to effect service of both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the molds, this allows us to keep constant in time the efficiency of the equipment, reduce downtime and increase the life of the mold itself.

Thermal treatments

Thermal treatmentsStrong modernization made and computerized management we are able to provide hardened products can be noted when all processes, the characteristics required by the specifications of the clients through the use of technologically advanced.


Photogravure ServicesA consolidated cooperation partnership with leader companies in the chemical photogravure , allow us to offer customers products obtained by means of this technology, we buy photo-engraved plates and we produce the DIES needed for deep drawing bending, tapping, threading thus to offer the customer the finished parts.

Galvanic treatments

Galvanic treatmentsPG PEROTTI specializes in the creation of galvanizing Professional, performed thanks to precision machinery and highly qualified personnel, which operates in compliance with the standards of quality and safety. The galvanizing treatment PG PEROTTI are accurate machining to fully satisfy each customer and his needs.

Warehouse management

Warehouse managementIn the proposed logistics PG PEROTTI can not miss the management of stores and warehouses account third. To our clients so we can offer more than 35,000 square meters of warehouses equipped, fully in accordance with, the housing stock in Bulck products, drive-in shelving racks, cantilever, etc.

Transportation management

Transportation management In the proposed goods issue of PG PEROTTI are several solutions including the use of services supplied by the best national and international courier services.

Through these services we are able to deliver quickly by minimizing the waiting time.